• ·We are pleased to welcome back all our customers, both familiar and new. The cattery remains open for business with social distancing measures in place.


  • ·Upon arrival, please use the foot pedal in front of reception to ring the bell and someone should be with you in just a moment. We kindly ask that you do not enter reception.
  • ·If the weather is bad, the garage, located opposite the reception area, will be available for you to wait inside. The garage space allows for the recommended social distancing.
  • ·If you see a queue ahead of you, we kindly ask for you to wait inside your car until we call you over. Thank you.
  • ·We have hand sanitizer, disinfectant, and paper towels on hand for customer and staff use.
  • ·Should you require the use of any bathroom facilities, we have allocated a downstairs toilet for customer use only. All facilities are deep cleaned after single use.
  • ·We have always welcomed customers to enter the cattery when dropping off and collecting cat(s). However, at this time, only cattery staff will be permitted inside the cattery. Customers are welcome to see their cats being settled in their runs from outside the cattery.
  • ·Though we would usually require a signature upon transferal of your cat(s), indicating that we are permitted to act on your behalf should your pet require vet care, we are currently waiving this practice. *We have liaised with our local Vet (Ash Croft, Hardwick) and this will not affect your cat(s) receiving veterinary care in the unlikely event that this would be necessary.


  • ·We usually suggest that new customers are welcome to visit the cattery at any time during our open, however we kindly ask that you contact us by phone or email to request a specific time slot. Thank you.


  • ·We do accept payments by cash and by cheque but we are asking all our customers to pay via bank transfer, wherever possible, during this time. Transfer details will be available upon collection of your cat(s). Thank you. We do not have the facilities to accept card payments.


  • ·Although we usually welcome all our customers to bring their cat’s bedding or toys from home, in order to minimise any potential risk of transference, we would kindly ask that you refrain from doing so at this time. Thank you.